About Bow Line Media

Holding visions securely since 2008!

Mark Montgomery, owner,
Bow Line Media



After high school, a stint in the Army, and several odd jobs, Mark got hired on with a small production company in Dallas making travel films. His first production job was, “Sail Away to Greece." While there, shooting a sunrise, he had his “light bulb” moment. He finally discovered what he wanted to do. He found his passion.

Over the next ten and a half years Mark continued to move up within the company from Production Assistant to Camera Operator. He went on to get a degree in Video Production from the Art Institute of Dallas. Shortly after that Mark was promoted to Editor, a couple projects later, to Director, and then onto Producer. Mark excelled in the other positions but knew in his heart that his love and talents were in shooting, Director of Photogaphy.

Mark left the cushy job and started Bow Line Media, and since then he’s been “holding visions securely since 2008."